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See also Comparison of file sharing software List of free BitTorrent clients Comparison of BitTorrent clients Comparison of file sharing hosts Comparison of FTP servers References External links Category:BitTorrent clients Category:File sharing software that uses BitTorrent Category:Proprietary freeware for Windows Category:FreewareKOLKATA: A task force set up by the Bengal government to examine how millions of litres of water supplied to the state are being wasted in the name of maintenance is recommending several drastic measures. The panel headed by IIT-Kharagpur’s professor KK Sarma said leakage of water has reached alarming proportions and the average per capita annual consumption of water in the state has dropped to 8,832 litres, while the national average is 1,05,000. For every drop of water that’s saved, the government stands to earn an estimated Rs 27. Sarma’s team has submitted its report to chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who has assured the panel of her support and is considering its recommendations.According to the panel, there has been a 30% increase in water leakage between 2007 and 2014. It found a direct link between increasing leakage and municipal budget cuts in the past four years. For instance, Kolkata now pays only Rs 5,000 for water every year and Kolkata district receives 2.46 lakh litres less from the state than the normal average.In case of Basirhat, a district in West Bengal, water supply from the district collectorate is being cut to 300 litres per second to save money. Water from the district collectorate flows into the 160-year-old Unnayar dam through its tail. Tapping from the tail is mandatory for maintenance purposes. But the government is accused of stopping water from the tail, leading to water shortage in Basirhat.In West Bengal, there are 11 major dams built to make use of water from the Ganga, including the Bhagirathi, Haldia and Digha-Dighi dams. Water from these dams is being supplied to Mamata. But these dams are facing growing water crisis as the state does not have adequate funds to maintain them. Sarma pointed out, “As long as we are misusing water, Bengal will continue to be thirsty.”How to Arrange Your Smoked Cocktail As we build upon our “education” on the

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